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      Welcome to the Comic Master

      .What is the Comic Master? We deliver 100% original, professionally produced and published comics, books, illustrations and animations about whatever you want. Our comics are made to order, and priced for any budget. Not only that, but you get the non-exclusive rights to do whatever you want with your project once it's done.

      What can I do with a custom Comic Master project? Turn your significant other into a superhero. Have your kid's bedtime story adapted into a book they can read themselves. Turn your 'how we got together' story into an unique wedding favor, or anniversary gift. Skip the wait, and get us to guess at what will happen in the next season of your favorite series. Get that poem you hid in the bottom of your sock drawer illustrated. Get your outdoorsman grandpa a comic book about him rasslin' polar bears in the Klondike. Remedy the fact that there aren't nearly enough comics about your favorite character. Get 24 pages of guest strips for your webcomic and take the month off. Prove that life with your coworkers can be funnier than any workplace sitcom. Get a promotional tool for that totally awesome new business idea you have. Get an animated opening sequence for your video podcast! Give the kids in your waiting room something better to read than Highlights. Get a sports manga made for everyone on your softball team. Show that if Big Boy's mascot can have his own comic, so can yours. Add some humor to that book on quantum mechanics you're writing. Have the coolest freebie at the trade show. The possibilities are endless! If you have an idea, we can make the magic happen!

      In addition to our custom comics we offer a COMIC MAKER, a free tool to create your own comic strip, please try it here. Note that you need to enable Flash. For all browsers that don't support Flash use THIS version of our FREE comic strip maker (it is a bit slow). Video above explains how to use the tool.